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How to Safely Erase Your Hard Drive

Safely Erase Your Hard DriveData in a computer may become a security threat to the company. It is important to ensure data in the drives is safe by securely erasing the hard drives. Perhaps you have discovered a new PC with a better and bigger hard drive or a new PC with a better and faster SSD. No doubt, it is time to consider getting rid of your old PC. However, before tossing away your old PC in the trash bin, it is advisable to clean off the data and eliminate chances of identity theft. However, you must understand deleting data off the drive does not actually delete it entirely. This effort only goes to hide the data from immediate view. Therefore, to guard against identity theft and completely erase data from the storage device, it is advisable to take measures that are more drastic by using hard drive data erasers. Following these steps can completely wipe data from your system:

1.Backup data

It can take a few minutes to a few hours to erase data on a drive. Before initiating the process of erasing your disk, it is important to backup any data you may want to keep. This is because once the data on the drive is erased completely, it will be impossible to retrieve it from the drive. Remember multiple drives sometimes exist on a hard drive.

2.Download a data destruction program

There are several ways often used to erase hard drives. However, most of the data destruction software offers an easy way of erasing data in storage devices, while allowing the device to be used again. If you like, you can download any suitable free data destruction program. Furthermore, consider burning the ISO file in a disc or undertake any other steps required to install software or get programs on bootable disc.

3.Erase according to program’s instructions

Finally, consider wiping the drive based on the program’s instructions. Most of the data destruction programs use multiple techniques to wipe data from the drive. Therefore, you may consider checking out the effectiveness of every method utilized to complete the wipe. Once you have cleaned up a drive, you can rest assured all the data on the hard drive is gone for good. Therefore, you can now do whatever you need to do; perhaps install a new operating system on the drive, create new partition, give or sell the storage device or computer, dispose of or recycle it.


The Difference Between A SSD And A HDD

The Difference Between A SSD And A HDDWhen the magnetic hard drive (HDD) arrived on the scene, we said good bye to the old ways of data storage, three and a quarter floppy discs and even the older 5.25. Computer users could finally store more data on the one permanent drive, but this was only the beginning because as people stored more data, they then had more to lose if something went wrong. Thus the solid state hard drive followed. If you want to get technical, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is a relative of the magnetic hard disk drive (HDD), but these two devices differ greatly.

The Old Magnetic HDD

The original old magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) were invented in the 1950s only held a small amount of data but took up a good square metre of space. Of course the average computer user could not afford these devices so the privilege was reserved for government agencies and large business. Who would want a big ugly box bigger than your fridge in your house? Regardless of the cost, these storage devices could save and retrieve data faster than the usual older storage methods, therefore the demand grew. The outrageous size was a problem that would quickly disappear. Over the years magnetic hard drives became smaller in size and gained larger capacity, but still they were never the perfect device.

Along Came SSDs

Magnetic drives killed off the need for paper files, magnetic floppy discs and even compact discs, but now SSDs are doing the same to this pioneer device. The main claim to fame for the Solid State Drives is that they are in fact a solid drive and have no mechanical moving parts, based on the same technology that a USB flash drive uses. This feature alone, no moving parts, increased the speed of operation which the older moving part drives could not compete with. Again another advantage with no moving parts was that there were less parts to interrupt your secure data storage.

The Mechanical Side To SSDs And HDDs

As stated above, these two drives are completely different as one has no moving parts and the other, the HDD has many. The older magnetic disk drives use a rotating magnetic platters to store data and if one part is disabled or damaged, all of the data is compromised. This device is also fragile and cannot be dropped as the platters need to stay in place to work. The newer SSD is solid and has no mechanical moving parts. This does not always ensure that it has a longer life span as it comes with its own vulnerabilities, just not as many as the HDD.

The Cost Of New Technology

When the SSDs hit the stores it was amazing technology in high demand. The price was high. Unfortunately the price is still high if you compare it to a regular HDD, but we all know that soon SSDs will be old news, cheaper and probably the next storage device to take the lead from the HDD.

How to Buy a SSD Disk Drive Online

SSD Disk Drive OnlineWhether you are looking for an SSD disk drive or an SAS hard drive, the possibility of finding a specific piece of equipment for a great price is driving more and more on people online to shop for bargains. With many rare products being available from internet stores at lower prices than high street stores, there is little surprise why.

With that said, there are certain precautions to take when purchasing a SSD disk drive or some other price of hardware online; follow the tips below to ensure that you are getting an item that performs well, all whilst fitting into your budget.

Firstly, it is important to remember that although there is a huge range of vendors operating online nowadays, they certainly are not all made equal. It is in fact one of the main gripes of any shopper in any market that the online retailer that was claiming to have the best products at the best prices actually turns out to be a major disappointment.

The reason for this is that anyone can easily become a seller of products that they do not really know much about on eBay or other public auction sites, making it hard to distinguish the pros from the amateurs. Our first tip, therefore, is to seek out a seller that has a certain level of expertise in the area they are dealing in.

This is crucial for a number of reasons, the first one being that – assuming they are reputable and take pride in the standard of products they offer – you are very unlikely to come away with a product that does not meet your criteria or perform well. Good retailers will tend to know which products are good ones and which are not so good, and steer clear of selling the latter to their customers.

With that in mind, look for a specialist in SSD disk drives or SCSI drives if you are looking for these products, rather than just shopping around for the cheapest price. The other major advantage of buying from a specialist is that they will often be able to provide excellent expert advice before you buy, saving you from investing in the wrong product.

The next thing to note is that it is important to choose a company that has a good returns and refund policy, as this can save you a headache farther down the road if you run into any problems. Although the item might be great quality, some will always turn out to be faulty, and this is where a good return and refund policy will help you.

Before you purchase your SSD disk drive, therefore, do adequate research into how things work if you are dissatisfied with your product, and look for negative customer reviews of a company before purchasing. It is when things go wrong that a retailer shows how reputable he is, so if a company has a track record of reluctant refunds, it is possibly better to choose someone else.

On top of these few points, make sure that you get a good price for the item you are buying. It is often hard to know what is a cheap price for the SSD disk drive you are after or what is an expensive price, so shop around to see what offers are available for that particular item.

If you see your product at a particularly low price compared to all the others, exercise caution – huge price drops can indicate that the item is defective or second hand, or that simply you are dealing with a less reputable dealer of a product. In all cases, take the time to read the small print before you buy, and you are likely to find yourself with a great product at an excellent price.