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How Does RAM Affect Your Trading Computer

RAMYour trading computer efficiency is an important aspect to your ability to execute trades daily. This is why it is so important to be educated about what components are really necessary for your trading computer. You could have the best, most expensive mass manufactured computer and it will still give you issues if it doesn’t have the right components installed.

What does RAM stand for any way? RAM is an acronym for random access memory. Don’t be quick to confuse this with storage memory. RAM is used in your trading computer to enable it to run open programs and assist with your operating system. In other words, RAM is what allows you to run your email application, live newscast, and trading software at the same time. RAM does not affect the ability to store information rather the ability to process large amounts of “live data” at the same time.

Your RAM is really best explained when comparing it to the experience you have at a restaurant. Think about the team members involved in your experience such as the cook, the waiter, the food, and the ingredients. RAM is the waiter. The waiter places your order, and when the dish is ready serves you the meal. Your RAM goes and opens your applications, makes sure they run smoothly, and then returns them to storage when you are finished. We can all recall a great restaurant experience and, just as likely, a bad experience. Not equipping your trading computer with enough RAM will cause you to experience the bad waiter more often than you would like.

RAM isn’t responsible for maintaining massive amounts of information like the hard drive. Never the less, you still need to make sure that your computer is equipped with enough waiters to handle the traffic. Even if you aren’t ready to invest in your dream trading computer today, this is something that is minimal cost that you can do to upgrade. This will allow you to make sure that your trading computer can keep up with you in the mean time.

One important thing to remember when purchasing RAM is to first figure out what is the max amount of RAM that your computer is capable of accommodating. Secondly, You want to make sure that you buy the RAM from a trusted retailer. This way if there are any issues there is the possibility to exchange or return. Computer components can be fickle. You don’t want to be stuck with RAM that doesn’t work and no option to receive new RAM. Buying your RAM from eBay or other sites that you would be buying from individual sellers.

Best Laptops Below $1000

Laptops Below $1000The development of new laptops has brought about a hard choice for people to choose from. There are many laptops that have been provided in the market. As the prices continue to escalate, you will find it hard to get the best quality. For those first timers, it is better to look out for the laptop performance. This is what makes it a good laptop. Here, we are going to consider laptops under $1000. These are economical laptops and everyone could use one of them.

Below are some of them

1. Asus Zenbook UX32A

Launched in the year 2011, Asus Zenbook UX32A is an ultrabook that is both common and expensive. It has a sharp lip in front and has a solid-feeling aluminum cover. It also has two video outputs, three USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet and Wireless Display Features.


Price $779


Hard Drive 500GB with 5400 rpm/ 32GB SSD

Processor i3-2367M Intel Core 1.4 GHz

Graphics Intel HD 3000

OS Windows 7 Home Premium

Screen Size 13.3″

Weight 3.3 lbs.

2. Dell Inspiron

There are those who would not like to spend a lot of their money to buy an expensive laptop that has the similar common features as an expensive one. For this fact, this laptop is the best for you, whether you are a business man or a student or for gaming. The big screen allows efficiency and the keyboard offers resistance when gaming.


Price $528.20


Hard Drive 750GB

Processor 1.6 GHz 4200U Intel Core i5

Graphics Intel HD 4000

OS Windows 8

Screen size 15.6″


Asus laptops come with very high power to use. It has a stylish look as it has a silver aluminum body. The Chiclet board makes it easy for anyone to type. It has a long lasting battery life which runs for about five hours when fully charged. It could be used for gaming or for business.


Price $705


Hard Drive 750GB

Processor 1.8 GHz 4500U Intel Core i7

OS Windows 8

Screen size 16″ touch screen as well as a front camera

4. Apple MacBook Air

This is a stylish and very powerful laptop but not for use by pro gamers. It is best for creative and other business people since it is slim and easy to carry. It comes pre-installed with software. Offers backup for up to 9 hours for the student and other users.


Price $908


Hard Drive 256GB SDD

Processor 1.3 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 4th Generation (Has Turbo Boost until 2.6GHz)

Graphics Intel HD 5000

OS Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Screen size 11″ LED-backlit

5. Toshiba Satellite (S55-A5359)

Toshiba has produced one of the best laptops, one of them being this one. Built for its high quality, it offers the best services as it is tough to resist on daily activities and has loads of features. It also has a backlit keyboard and multi-touch keyboard. It is best for students who are mainly lazy or careless when taking care of the computer.

Price $769.99


Hard Drive 1TB

Processor 2.4 GHz 4700MQIntel Core i7

Graphics Intel HD 4000

OS Windows 7 Professional

Screen size 15.6″

Battery life 4 hours

6. HP Envy 17-J130US

HP laptops are widely known for their high quality, stylish look and also tough. This laptop has a Chiclet keyboard that helps type faster and also a print scanner. This is a good laptop well under $1000 and can be used for uses of work or gaming.


Price $949


Hard Drive 1TB

Processor 2.4 GHz 4700MQIntel Core i7

Graphics Intel HD 4600

OS Windows 8

Screen size 17.3″

There are many other laptops under $1000 that you would find that work for you according to your budget. These are just some that have the best specs within different price ranges. Buy one laptop today and enjoy working or having fun with them.

How to Build a Gaming PC

Build a Gaming PCOne of the ultimate highs you can achieve as a gamer is sitting back and playing your favorite title on your computer. I don’t mean a store-bought system, I mean your own, well thought out, chose my components, radical design and look dream machine. Unfortunately, that dream never becomes a reality for most. Many gamers think building a computer involves massive technical, mechanical and computer science skills. Nothing could be more untrue!

Believe it or not having the fun and satisfaction of choosing your graphics card, processor, power supply, motherboards, RAM, hard drive and a case will not lead to a final installation disaster.

You won’t need a soldering gun, sophisticated testing devices or worry about a hospital trip via electrocution! Most of the parts in your home-made computer build will quickly snap together. A few screws will need to be tightened, so if you can use a simple screwdriver you are golden.

The most difficult technical task you may encounter could involve applying some thermal paste between your CPU and heat sink unit. If that task gives you sleepless nights, don’t worry. Many CPU’s have the heat sink and fan attached.

You can build a computer in three easy steps.

The first step is developing a budget for a gaming computer. You can create an economical gaming system for $500 or go radical and spend thousands and thousands. A great homemade computer, handling any of today’s most popular games is usually built for right around $1,000.

Once you have a budget, look at what components are needed and the case you want to put them in. Here is where you play the mad scientist. Here is where you will have the most fun by researching the best brands for your dollar, seeking the coolest looking components and making sure they are all compatible and will fit nicely into the case you chose to house them in.

The assembly, which I said is a snap, is the icing on the cake, the achievement of your goal! It’s now time to load your favorite game and soak in the high!!

I hope this article motivated you to build your gaming computer. Now it’s time to research components and join forums that have similar computer builds to share their expertise. Don’t be overwhelmed with how many components you will have because when you finish building your rock solid gaming PC, you will appreciate the knowledge you’ve gained.