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How To Fix And Repair A Slow Computer

How To Fix And Repair A Slow ComputerHow To Fix & Repair A Slow Computer!

Is your computer running slow? Mine did. And now i’m going to help to fix yours! In this article, i’m going to discuss what causes your computer to run slow and how you can get your computer running back like it was brand new!

We use computers everyday. Wether it be browsing the internet, talking to friends on Facebook, online purchasing. In this modern age, we depend on computers wether you’d like to admit it or not. We like our computers to be responsive and get the things that we want done quickly and effeciantly! The amount of times I wanted to throw my computer out the window because it ran slow is crazy! So I needed to find what was the problem and how I can sort it out.

There are many things to slow down a computer.

Spyware & Adware:

Spyware and Adware both play a part in slowing down computers. These ‘programs’ attempt to obtain informstion from your computer. Such as what tasks you may carry out, what websites you visit, your bank details and so on. Some can be harmless. Some can be destructive, fatal or just damn right annoying!


Viruses are similar (if not the same) as Spyware and Adware. A virus is a ‘program’ that copies itself and invades your files. These basicaly read/write your files in the background without you knowing. Which in turn, slows your computer down and leaving you wondering why.

A Large Registry:

The Registry in a Microsoft Windows operating system is a group of files that store configuration data relevent to all your programs and settings stores on your computer. Having a large registry dramticaly increases the load up time of your computer and day to day runnings of your system. The registry does not clean itself, it stores data for programs you may have deleted months ago!

General Clutter:

Did you now, when you delete things, they still remain on your computer until it is overwritten? Things like temporary internet files, internet cookies, a hard drive that is nearing its capacity all slow down your computer.