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Get Your Master’s Online with RU

Are you thinking about heading back to school for a Master’s in Social Work? The online MSW degree program from Rutgers University is nationally renowned and recognized for its commitment to a quality education, pristine facilities and resources, and a faculty filled with industry experts and professionals. You are always invited to come and check out RU, and be sure to take a closer look at their social work degree programs and offerings.

Complete and Comprehensive

RU’s MSW degree is available through an online program that caters to working adults and students who have personal obligation, duties, and responsibilities in their day to day lives. Pursuing the next steps in your education is easier than ever before, thanks to Rutgers University and its commitment to excellence and prestige, even in an online setting. Grad students are able to complete their course requirements while also engaging in riveting lectures and class conversations that include reputable professors, like-minded students, and other real-world clients and professionals. The Master’s of Social Work degree program is crafted in a way that gets students thinking critically, interacting with each other, and establishing firm connections and networks in their chosen job field.

Dedicated and Designed for You

Moreover, when you enroll in RU’s MSW degree online, you are joining a community that is encouraging, uplifting, and challenging. Rutgers University has made a solid reputation for itself as an institute of higher learning that is nationally recognized and accredited with some of the most prestigious organizations and associations around. Each and every student is treated with respect, while being pushed to their limits in order to gain new skills, develop techniques and strategies they’ll use on the job, and form lasting relationships that will carry them through to graduation and well beyond that. The online format of the degree program makes it a wonderful choice for many different individuals; in fact, people from all walks of life turn to Rutgers University for Internet-based courses that provide the same level of excellence and superiority as the school’s more traditional programs.

The Best is Yet to Come

Students in RU’s MSW degree are looking to be a part of something so much larger than themselves. RU is committed to making those dreams a reality, and it does this with a wide range of resources and materials that make RU stand out from the crowd. For instance, grad students are encouraged and challenged to pursue internships and other business partnerships with real-world professionals. This could lead to employment after graduation, and forming relationships and business contacts is a great way to help college graduates clinch jobs that they truly care about. As a matter of fact, the graduate students from Rutgers University are often better able to handle the competitive job market, as well as make themselves stand out among the other job-seekers out there. If you are ready to take the next steps in your career, then you are invited to get in touch with Rutgers University.

Basics of Technical Writing

The goal of Technical writing is to help the audience utilize a technology or to know about a concept, product or process. Many times the concepts or products processes are complex, but have to be manifested in a reader-friendly, easiest form.


In this type of writing genre, you may find:

  • On-line help
  • Work procedures and instructions
  • Maintenance and installation manuals
  • Process standards
  • Proposals
  • White papers
  • Technical reports

Every discipline has its particular needs, but few basic things are common in technical writing. In this post, I am going to tell you few basics of technical writing

Paragraphs – Each and every paragraph in technical writing is considered as useful guide. It doesn’t mean that you need to write just one paragraph for every topic, but it means that consider just one subject per paragraph makes your writing more logical and clear.


  1. Accuracy – You should present interpretation of data as well as information in an accurate way. If the information is not accurate, your audience may doubt about the credibility of your content. You should differentiate between opinion and fact.
  2. Brevity – Always try to check the balance between the time needed to read the document and the amount of information presented. Make sure that you may use a link or appendix in order to give background or supplementary information. Technology content writers should use graph, table or example instead of words to tell about the any relevant concept.
  3. Reader-centricity – It is a well known fact that you are writing the content for your audience. Thus, you should make it easy to understand your writing.
  4. Clarity – Your audience will surely understand the content, if the document has logical flow. It will be helpful to ask somebody who is not familiar with the subject to read your written content your before you finalize. Using tables, graphs, illustrations or headings will be helpful – your target is to make your content easiest for your audience so that they can easily know about the information.


  1. Sentence length – While doing technology content writers’ jobs, you should make shorter sentences for unfamiliar or complex concepts. In this way, your readers will get time to digest short pieces of information before going to next. However, it is not so easy to attain, strive to aim for around 20 to 25 words per sentence. If you find long sentences in your written content, you can use ‘ however, ‘and’, ‘but’ similar words where you may easily break the sentence and make them short.

While doing technology content writing jobs, you should keep these basic things in your mind.

Fix Macbook To Enhance Performance

macbookTechnology is being used in performing works in office immediately by the companies. Using high end device helps in performing projects at a better speed in the office. This is why computer has become an important device for the users in performing the works effectively. With passing of time, the device is getting more advanced with addition of new features and applications in performing complicated projects effectively. Device has immense capabilities to perform works effectively and get suitable result. This is why computers are being used by the professionals in office to perform the work effectively. All the offices have been computerized now to perform works according to global standard and at a faster rate. This is why the people are buying the device from the market to use in daily life activities. But, the device needs to be maintained nicely to avoid problems in the device immediately. Let us look at the procedures of maintaining the performance of the computer device by the users.

Computer has become the important device for the users and professionals around the world. The device has got advanced with the addition of numerous applications and features useful in performing works effectively. This is why device is being used in performing both personal and professionals works by the people. Computer is being used bought by the people from different regions of world to perform the work effectively. But, the device needs to be maintained carefully to avoid problems and get high end performance during works. Computer repair should be taken to resolve the issues related to the device immediately. But, the repairing service should be taken from certified technicians found in market to resolve the issues quickly. Otherwise, it would be simply a waste of hard earned money for users without getting the resolution. Take the device to a certified technician instead of taking the device to a local repairing vendor.

Macbook is an advanced device of Apple with lots of special features and applications useful in performing complicated projects. The software and hardware present in device are helpful in getting the durable performance easily. But, even the most advanced device or hardware gets problems in a certain period of time after buying from market. Macbook repair is essential to resolve the issues that crop up due to accidents, liquid filling, and other problems. Apple certified technicians need to be hired in resolving the issues of the.

How To Fix And Repair A Slow Computer

How To Fix And Repair A Slow ComputerHow To Fix & Repair A Slow Computer!

Is your computer running slow? Mine did. And now i’m going to help to fix yours! In this article, i’m going to discuss what causes your computer to run slow and how you can get your computer running back like it was brand new!

We use computers everyday. Wether it be browsing the internet, talking to friends on Facebook, online purchasing. In this modern age, we depend on computers wether you’d like to admit it or not. We like our computers to be responsive and get the things that we want done quickly and effeciantly! The amount of times I wanted to throw my computer out the window because it ran slow is crazy! So I needed to find what was the problem and how I can sort it out.

There are many things to slow down a computer.

Spyware & Adware:

Spyware and Adware both play a part in slowing down computers. These ‘programs’ attempt to obtain informstion from your computer. Such as what tasks you may carry out, what websites you visit, your bank details and so on. Some can be harmless. Some can be destructive, fatal or just damn right annoying!


Viruses are similar (if not the same) as Spyware and Adware. A virus is a ‘program’ that copies itself and invades your files. These basicaly read/write your files in the background without you knowing. Which in turn, slows your computer down and leaving you wondering why.

A Large Registry:

The Registry in a Microsoft Windows operating system is a group of files that store configuration data relevent to all your programs and settings stores on your computer. Having a large registry dramticaly increases the load up time of your computer and day to day runnings of your system. The registry does not clean itself, it stores data for programs you may have deleted months ago!

General Clutter:

Did you now, when you delete things, they still remain on your computer until it is overwritten? Things like temporary internet files, internet cookies, a hard drive that is nearing its capacity all slow down your computer.


How to Safely Erase Your Hard Drive

Safely Erase Your Hard DriveData in a computer may become a security threat to the company. It is important to ensure data in the drives is safe by securely erasing the hard drives. Perhaps you have discovered a new PC with a better and bigger hard drive or a new PC with a better and faster SSD. No doubt, it is time to consider getting rid of your old PC. However, before tossing away your old PC in the trash bin, it is advisable to clean off the data and eliminate chances of identity theft. However, you must understand deleting data off the drive does not actually delete it entirely. This effort only goes to hide the data from immediate view. Therefore, to guard against identity theft and completely erase data from the storage device, it is advisable to take measures that are more drastic by using hard drive data erasers. Following these steps can completely wipe data from your system:

1.Backup data

It can take a few minutes to a few hours to erase data on a drive. Before initiating the process of erasing your disk, it is important to backup any data you may want to keep. This is because once the data on the drive is erased completely, it will be impossible to retrieve it from the drive. Remember multiple drives sometimes exist on a hard drive.

2.Download a data destruction program

There are several ways often used to erase hard drives. However, most of the data destruction software offers an easy way of erasing data in storage devices, while allowing the device to be used again. If you like, you can download any suitable free data destruction program. Furthermore, consider burning the ISO file in a disc or undertake any other steps required to install software or get programs on bootable disc.

3.Erase according to program’s instructions

Finally, consider wiping the drive based on the program’s instructions. Most of the data destruction programs use multiple techniques to wipe data from the drive. Therefore, you may consider checking out the effectiveness of every method utilized to complete the wipe. Once you have cleaned up a drive, you can rest assured all the data on the hard drive is gone for good. Therefore, you can now do whatever you need to do; perhaps install a new operating system on the drive, create new partition, give or sell the storage device or computer, dispose of or recycle it.


Laptop Keys and Replacing the Malfunctioning Ones

Laptop KeysThe benefits of using a laptop are too well known. It makes life a lot easier. However, like any other device, users need to exercise certain precautions while using the laptop to ensure that they will continue to enjoy trouble free services. It is not unusual to come across people who keep eating snacks or drinking coffee while searching the net on their laptop, or while playing an online game with friends. Such actions can seriously damage your laptop. Most users do not seem to realize that the replacement of laptop keys is not so difficult an affair as they imagine it to be. Though almost all keys are alike, some parts that go to complete a key are different, and once you have identified the respective parts, replacement becomes easy.

First of all you should understand that the keys of most laptops are almost similar, barring the keys for shift, delete, enter, shift keys and space bar. By watching carefully, you’ll realize that the design of the keys of many brands is the same, though some do use slightly different designs. However, the components of all keys are the same. All keys comprise of hinges, rubber cups and retainer clips. The functioning and mechanism of all these parts are the same.

For example, you may find the working of your Space Bar erratic. You need not panic at the thought of the largest keys behaving in an erratic manner! As already pointed out, the size and shape of these keys may vary, but they contain the same components, playing the same role. That means that a laptop owner can always manage to get replacements. All smaller keys comprise of small hinges and clips, whereas the larger keys, like the Shift, the Enter and the Space Bar keys comprise of larger hinges and a number or rubber cups. So, there is no reason to worry if you find your Space Bar is not functioning normally. Irrespective of the size, all laptop keys are replaced in the same manner.

Well, you may even opt to change the keys of your laptop yourself. You should know that some manufacturers do not offer any warranty for their keys. So it will be smart move on your part to learn to replace the keys yourself. You can order the keys through an online store and seek help from an expert that can provide the necessary instructions. If you lack the time or inclination to replace the keys on your own, you can look for a computer technician for doing the needful for you. So, the next time any key of your laptop starts behaving in an erratic way, don’t panic or keep wondering how to get it repaired, as repairing or replacing broken or malfunctioning laptop keys is not that difficult.


Advantages of Buying a Used Computer

Used ComputerIn this day and era, computers have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. In fact, if you are someone who is used to going online, checking your social networks, or constant watching movies in the internet, you know very well how essential computers are to your life. Just imagine if this fundamental machine rapidly conks out on you and you don’t have the resources needed to buy the glossy, state-of-the-art, newest model. What do you do then? Do you live a totally meaningless life of internet celibacy? Or do you find a cheaper option for buying a brand new computer?

Obviously, you’ll pick the final option. You can find cheap, unbranded computers, which are untrustworthy, or you could decide to buy a branded, but used computer. Yes, there is still wish for you. There are a number of second-hand computers out there in the market. You will soon find out that there is really a selection of advantages in purchasing used computers. First, and clearly, used computers are significantly less costly than the brand new ones. Distant from it being a second-hand machine, these computers are frequently not the latest models, which, as you know, tend to be the most costly ones.

If you are risky about purchasing these computers, you will soon find out that these, are in fact, refurbished already. This means that the computers were return to the sellers for one reason or another; and the reseller has check complete machine to figure out what is wrong with it. Obviously, once they find the imperfection, they will reprogram the whole thing to fix this. You will, in consequence, have a clean schedule for a hard drive, and all other internal workings of the machine. This means that your computer is liberated of any virus, malware, or spyware. You will be getting a computer that will be like brand new from the interior. Naturally, there may be a few bumps and scratches on the outside parts, but for the price you will pay for, it will be completely value it.

Aside from the inexpensive reason, you will be happy to know that buying a refurbished computer entail a smaller carbon footstep for you. It takes a lot of possessions to produce a brand new computer. From the raw equipment, down to the definite process of putting the computer together, you are using comparatively a lot of usual resources. Purchasing a refurbished computer cuts this share of resources by more than half. Of course, although these advantages, you will still have to be very watchful when purchasing refurbished computers. Make sure that you only purchase from trustworthy stores or resellers.

SanDisk 32GB Pen Drive Large Storage Capacity for Bigger Files

SanDisk 32GB Pen DriveAlmost everybody agrees that technology has greatly impacted on the quality of life and mostly in a good way. Today it’s easy to access whatever information from literally anywhere and this has greatly improved efficiency especially in businesses. However just like writing where one needs more paper as information increases, information in technological devices like computers and tablets also need storage space and there are gadgets like flash disk and memory cards amongst others that have been created to accomplish this.

The beauty of this storage devices compared to paper is that they are not bulky and are extremely portable.

They are also compatible with all devices and can be used anywhere. Their prices vary depending on their capacity, features and brand. The SanDisk 32 GB pen drive price ranges from about $17 to $ 50 after discounts and this is based on where you buy i.e. online or in shops and also whether the device is used or new.

The SanDisk 32 GB pen drive price can be said to be very fair given that it has a high transfer speed and the space is big enough to allow you to carry all kinds of files i.e. even heavy ones in all formats wherever you want. It’s also very small with a flip top and has a SanDisk secure access software which allows you to protect files that you don’t want others to view. The disk is black and red in color and has a very compact and durable body. It is compatible with Mac, Windows XP, 7 and Vista operating systems. As a user you can also backup a maximum of 2 GB in a cloud which you can access anytime you are online with any device (phone, laptops, and tablets).

Smaller capacity pen drives might suit those with lighter files and one needs a good brand with wide variety to select from so as to get value for money and hence I can suggest buying hp pen drive 8gb from online shopping sites. This is the smallest 8 GB flash in the globe as it is ultra slim and sleek, cap less with a hard metal housing. The opening has a provision that allows you to attach the pen drive to keys or lanyard for safety. It has up to 10 years data retention, a very high transfer speed also dependent on the device being used (compatible with all operating systems) and comes in a variety of colors. For hp pen drive 8 GB online shopping, browse many sites and check out the ones that allow you to compare the price of the device.

Important Benefits Of Buying USB Players Online

USB Players OnlineUSB players are among the most widely used technological devices due to its innate qualities. These devices are compact in size with an internal storage capacity.

In comparison to the conventional devices, these players are quite remarkable as it is ingrained with many beneficial features.

Excellent Storage Capacity: These players have a huge storage capacity which is considered to be one of the major benefits. It is possible to store many songs in the memory card and play it whenever required.

File Formats: It is also possible to store songs in different file formats which make it quite possible to access these files.

Easy to Sort: Another notable advantage of these devices is that it is easy to sort out the files quickly and organize the playlist according to specific genre.

Latest Features: Some of the latest models of players include a wide variety of features. It can store and play the audio files which are in the compressed format. These devices can be bought easily from various online stores at affordable price rates.

Styles and Colors: These player devices are available in an assortment of colors, styles and features. There are many reputed stores which showcase a huge variety of such devices and most of these appliances can be availed at reasonable price rates.

With the advance in science and technology, finding a good USB player is no longer a difficult feat. These devices are inclusive of a huge range of amazing features. It can be used in cars and any other portable devices.

It is possible to transfer the files into the player quite easily. The device can be easily operated even by people without any technical know how. Moreover, most people consider it to be a cost effective solution to listen to music.

It is quite easy to buy these smart devices from online stores at reasonable price rates. There are devices available in different sizes and shapes to suit different purposes. Today most of the modern devices are in-built with a large number of attractive features. There is hardly any need to download any specific software in these devices.

As there are a huge variety of these portable devices available through online stores at affordable price rates, choosing the most appropriate device can be quite a perplexing task.

It is important to consider the size and the features of these devices before buying it from online stores. There are compact devices which include a number of in-built features. It is essential to evaluate these features before buying it from online stores.

Due to its beneficial features, these devices are becoming increasingly popular among buyers from all over the world. Moreover, unlike the earlier days, these devices can be bought easily through reputed dealers and branded companies. Some of the top brands offer these devices at discounted price rates too.

In addition to these devices, some companies offer different accessories along with the gadget such as microphones and Bluetooth devices.

What Is an HBA

Host Bus AdapterHost Bus Adapter (HBA) is a tricky issue to cover. I don’t think there is a proper source that explains exactly what the function of an HBA is. From my understanding, the definition of this component arose from different sources combining knowledge into one bowl that eventually gave a sort of definition that some might understand and some won’t understand at all.

Well, I am here to make sense of it all for you and to prepare this one article that will summarize the HBA functionality.

HBA is a component that, as the name implies, connects to the Bus (these days the PCIe) in the host. A host is usually defined as the activator of the procedure, in our case it usually means a server.

The job description of this component is to connect the host to an external piece of hardware, usually a SAN (Storage Area Network), through a switch or any other type of storage out there.

There are a few different types of connections. RJ-45, which is what most know as Ethernet connectivity in 1GbE and 10GbE, is reserved to the NIC and server/network adapters (I will explain those in the future). This leaves the HBA with Fibre Channel and SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) connectivity. There are other connectors such as SCSI but this is obsolete and I wouldn’t want you to bother with it. Let’s focus on what matters these days.

So why is the HBA important? Well, back in the day, like with everything else, the CPU used to be in charge of the data transfer between the hardware devices and it took the CPUs time and effort away from focusing on what really matters – calculations.

With the HBA around, the CPU can focus on its task and the HBA can be In charge of the data transfer and connectivity between the devices.

Let’s get back to the connectivity for now. The most popular connectivity that is associated with the HBA is Fibre Channel. It comes in 4Gb/s, 8Gb/s and the recent and blazing fast 16Gb/s. Fibre Channel is currently the most preferable connectivity for devices but the cost of implementation has led the industry to steer away from Fibre Channel to FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet). SFP converged Network Adapters can accept the FC (Fibre Channel) protocol and the SFP protocol, which also lowers the cost since it’s an Ethernet protocol.

However, the fastest connectivity out there is without doubt IB (Infiniband). With up to 56Gb/s data transfer rate, no one can compete with it. However, due to the lack of competition in this industry IB pricing by Mellanox is pretty steep, even compared to Fibre Channel. This technology is the fastest without any doubt, but also a bit isolated from the mainstream, pushing Fibre Channel back to the spotlight.

To conclude, the HBA is an integral component of almost any infrastructure solution that does not involve Ethernet connectivity. Usually designed for higher speeds that Ethernet cannot supply (10GbE+), not many businesses will implement such an expensive solution. To those who are thinking of moving to FC, IB or FCoE I hope that now you have a better understanding of the necessary components to connect the dots.