Basics of Technical Writing

The goal of Technical writing is to help the audience utilize a technology or to know about a concept, product or process. Many times the concepts or products processes are complex, but have to be manifested in a reader-friendly, easiest form.


In this type of writing genre, you may find:

  • On-line help
  • Work procedures and instructions
  • Maintenance and installation manuals
  • Process standards
  • Proposals
  • White papers
  • Technical reports

Every discipline has its particular needs, but few basic things are common in technical writing. In this post, I am going to tell you few basics of technical writing

Paragraphs – Each and every paragraph in technical writing is considered as useful guide. It doesn’t mean that you need to write just one paragraph for every topic, but it means that consider just one subject per paragraph makes your writing more logical and clear.


  1. Accuracy – You should present interpretation of data as well as information in an accurate way. If the information is not accurate, your audience may doubt about the credibility of your content. You should differentiate between opinion and fact.
  2. Brevity – Always try to check the balance between the time needed to read the document and the amount of information presented. Make sure that you may use a link or appendix in order to give background or supplementary information. Technology content writers should use graph, table or example instead of words to tell about the any relevant concept.
  3. Reader-centricity – It is a well known fact that you are writing the content for your audience. Thus, you should make it easy to understand your writing.
  4. Clarity – Your audience will surely understand the content, if the document has logical flow. It will be helpful to ask somebody who is not familiar with the subject to read your written content your before you finalize. Using tables, graphs, illustrations or headings will be helpful – your target is to make your content easiest for your audience so that they can easily know about the information.


  1. Sentence length – While doing technology content writers’ jobs, you should make shorter sentences for unfamiliar or complex concepts. In this way, your readers will get time to digest short pieces of information before going to next. However, it is not so easy to attain, strive to aim for around 20 to 25 words per sentence. If you find long sentences in your written content, you can use ‘ however, ‘and’, ‘but’ similar words where you may easily break the sentence and make them short.

While doing technology content writing jobs, you should keep these basic things in your mind.