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Basics of Technical Writing

The goal of Technical writing is to help the audience utilize a technology or to know about a concept, product or process. Many times the concepts or products processes are complex, but have to be manifested in a reader-friendly, easiest form.


In this type of writing genre, you may find:

  • On-line help
  • Work procedures and instructions
  • Maintenance and installation manuals
  • Process standards
  • Proposals
  • White papers
  • Technical reports

Every discipline has its particular needs, but few basic things are common in technical writing. In this post, I am going to tell you few basics of technical writing

Paragraphs – Each and every paragraph in technical writing is considered as useful guide. It doesn’t mean that you need to write just one paragraph for every topic, but it means that consider just one subject per paragraph makes your writing more logical and clear.


  1. Accuracy – You should present interpretation of data as well as information in an accurate way. If the information is not accurate, your audience may doubt about the credibility of your content. You should differentiate between opinion and

Fix Macbook To Enhance Performance

macbookTechnology is being used in performing works in office immediately by the companies. Using high end device helps in performing projects at a better speed in the office. This is why computer has become an important device for the users in performing the works effectively. With passing of time, the device is getting more advanced with addition of new features and applications in performing complicated projects effectively. Device has immense capabilities to perform works effectively and get suitable result. This is why computers are being used by the professionals in office to perform the work effectively. All the offices have been computerized now to perform works according to global standard and at a faster rate. This is why the people are buying the device from the market to use in daily life activities. But, the device needs to be maintained nicely to avoid problems in the device immediately. Let us look at the procedures of maintaining the performance of the computer device by the users.

Computer has become the important device for the users and professionals around the world. The device

How To Fix And Repair A Slow Computer

How To Fix And Repair A Slow ComputerHow To Fix & Repair A Slow Computer!

Is your computer running slow? Mine did. And now i’m going to help to fix yours! In this article, i’m going to discuss what causes your computer to run slow and how you can get your computer running back like it was brand new!

We use computers everyday. Wether it be browsing the internet, talking to friends on Facebook, online purchasing. In this modern age, we depend on computers wether you’d like to admit it or not. We like our computers to be responsive and get the things that we want done quickly and effeciantly! The amount of times I wanted to throw my computer out the window because it ran slow is crazy! So I needed to find what was the problem and how I can sort it out.

There are many things to slow down a computer.

Spyware & Adware:

Spyware and Adware both play a part in slowing down computers. These ‘programs’ attempt to obtain informstion from your computer. Such as what tasks you may carry out,

How to Safely Erase Your Hard Drive

Safely Erase Your Hard DriveData in a computer may become a security threat to the company. It is important to ensure data in the drives is safe by securely erasing the hard drives. Perhaps you have discovered a new PC with a better and bigger hard drive or a new PC with a better and faster SSD. No doubt, it is time to consider getting rid of your old PC. However, before tossing away your old PC in the trash bin, it is advisable to clean off the data and eliminate chances of identity theft. However, you must understand deleting data off the drive does not actually delete it entirely. This effort only goes to hide the data from immediate view. Therefore, to guard against identity theft and completely erase data from the storage device, it is advisable to take measures that are more drastic by using hard drive data erasers. Following these steps can completely wipe data from your system:

1.Backup data

It can take a few minutes to a few hours to erase data on a drive. Before initiating the process of erasing your disk, it

Laptop Keys and Replacing the Malfunctioning Ones

Laptop KeysThe benefits of using a laptop are too well known. It makes life a lot easier. However, like any other device, users need to exercise certain precautions while using the laptop to ensure that they will continue to enjoy trouble free services. It is not unusual to come across people who keep eating snacks or drinking coffee while searching the net on their laptop, or while playing an online game with friends. Such actions can seriously damage your laptop. Most users do not seem to realize that the replacement of laptop keys is not so difficult an affair as they imagine it to be. Though almost all keys are alike, some parts that go to complete a key are different, and once you have identified the respective parts, replacement becomes easy.

First of all you should understand that the keys of most laptops are almost similar, barring the keys for shift, delete, enter, shift keys and space bar. By watching carefully, you’ll realize that the design of the keys of many brands is the same, though some do use slightly different designs. However, the components of all keys

Advantages of Buying a Used Computer

Used ComputerIn this day and era, computers have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. In fact, if you are someone who is used to going online, checking your social networks, or constant watching movies in the internet, you know very well how essential computers are to your life. Just imagine if this fundamental machine rapidly conks out on you and you don’t have the resources needed to buy the glossy, state-of-the-art, newest model. What do you do then? Do you live a totally meaningless life of internet celibacy? Or do you find a cheaper option for buying a brand new computer?

Obviously, you’ll pick the final option. You can find cheap, unbranded computers, which are untrustworthy, or you could decide to buy a branded, but used computer. Yes, there is still wish for you. There are a number of second-hand computers out there in the market. You will soon find out that there is really a selection of advantages in purchasing used computers. First, and clearly, used computers are significantly less costly than the brand new ones. Distant from it being a second-hand machine, these computers are frequently

SanDisk 32GB Pen Drive Large Storage Capacity for Bigger Files

SanDisk 32GB Pen DriveAlmost everybody agrees that technology has greatly impacted on the quality of life and mostly in a good way. Today it’s easy to access whatever information from literally anywhere and this has greatly improved efficiency especially in businesses. However just like writing where one needs more paper as information increases, information in technological devices like computers and tablets also need storage space and there are gadgets like flash disk and memory cards amongst others that have been created to accomplish this.

The beauty of this storage devices compared to paper is that they are not bulky and are extremely portable.

They are also compatible with all devices and can be used anywhere. Their prices vary depending on their capacity, features and brand. The SanDisk 32 GB pen drive price ranges from about $17 to $ 50 after discounts and this is based on where you buy i.e. online or in shops and also whether the device is used or new.

The SanDisk 32 GB pen drive price can be said to be very

Important Benefits Of Buying USB Players Online

USB Players OnlineUSB players are among the most widely used technological devices due to its innate qualities. These devices are compact in size with an internal storage capacity.

In comparison to the conventional devices, these players are quite remarkable as it is ingrained with many beneficial features.

Excellent Storage Capacity: These players have a huge storage capacity which is considered to be one of the major benefits. It is possible to store many songs in the memory card and play it whenever required.

File Formats: It is also possible to store songs in different file formats which make it quite possible to access these files.

Easy to Sort: Another notable advantage of these devices is that it is easy to sort out the files quickly and organize the playlist according to specific genre.

Latest Features: Some of the latest models of players include a wide variety of features. It can store and play the audio files which are in the compressed format. These devices can be bought easily from various online stores at affordable price rates.

Styles and Colors: These player devices are available

What Is an HBA

Host Bus AdapterHost Bus Adapter (HBA) is a tricky issue to cover. I don’t think there is a proper source that explains exactly what the function of an HBA is. From my understanding, the definition of this component arose from different sources combining knowledge into one bowl that eventually gave a sort of definition that some might understand and some won’t understand at all.

Well, I am here to make sense of it all for you and to prepare this one article that will summarize the HBA functionality.

HBA is a component that, as the name implies, connects to the Bus (these days the PCIe) in the host. A host is usually defined as the activator of the procedure, in our case it usually means a server.

The job description of this component is to connect the host to an external piece of hardware, usually a SAN (Storage Area Network), through a switch or any other type of storage out there.

There are a few different types of connections. RJ-45, which is what most know as Ethernet connectivity in 1GbE and 10GbE, is reserved to the

5 Facts About Ethernet Adapters

Ethernet AdaptersIf you are like most modern humans, you likely use some form of Ethernet adapter on a daily basis. However, you may have little understanding of what an Ethernet adapter is, or how they work. This article will make all clear. Here are five little-known facts about Ethernet converters.

1. You are probably using one right now: As you may know, the most basic example of an adapter is what you use to connect to the Internet if you have a wireless network. In your computer, or possibly, attached to your computer, you have a wireless adapter that converts the wireless signal to the Ethernet signal that your computer operates on.

2. Adapters require a driver to operate: Typically when you use your computer to connect to the Internet, your operating system will automatically install a driver that is compatible with your systems. If this process is not automatic, you may have to go to the manufacturer’s website to download the driver manually. Once the driver is installed and connected to an open port you will be fully connected

Explaining File Server

File ServerA File server is a server attached to the LAN or any other network type. Its primary purpose is providing a shared file access such as documents, images or other files that can be accessed by everybody.

This type of server is designed based on the popular client-server scheme like explained in the Database server nugget.

This type of server is not intended to perform any computing tasks nor execute programs on behalf of the clients. It is simply a type of shared lower level storage device.

The file server can be accessed via a number of different methods. It can be through the FTP (File Transfer Protocol), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol but is different from a web server that provides dynamic among a static content), SMB (Server Message Block) /CIFC (Common Internal File System – which is usually for UNIX but is also supported by Windows) or NFS (Network File System – mainly UNIX). This might be a bit confusing as the database server or shared storage might be considered to be a file server as well but the difference is the security and connectivity.

A Great Alternate To Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard ReplacementLaptops have become an integral part of our day to day lives. Whether you are young or old, a student or a professional, a laptop holds a crucial place to help you carry out various activities. Using a laptop makes life so much easier.

It is very important to take proper care of your laptop keys to avoid any damage. There are many people who eat and drink while working on their system. This can cause damage to your keyboard as well as to the whole system. The keys of the laptop should be used with proper care else you may end up having broken or damaged keyboard keys.

There is one thing that needs to be understood that broken or damaged keyboard keys can easily be replaced without having the need to replace the whole keyboard. Keys of almost all laptops are same with the exception of shift, delete, enter, shift keys and space bar. Every key in the keyboard has a spring which activates the sensor below when we press it, allowing us to type. The most common problem that arises with the damaged key

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work

Bluetooth SpeakersDo you have any idea how your Bluetooth speakers work? Are you curious about the process that takes place inside your speakers? Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. There are Bluetooth speakers that are big; there are those speakers which are small and there are those Bluetooth speakers that are of the same size as regular plug-it speakers. Though they come in different shapes and sizes, these do not really matter. These characteristics are for aesthetic purposes only and these speakers all work the same way — using Bluetooth technology.

What is Bluetooth technology? Basically, this technology is connective convenience. Bluetooth technology is considered the global wireless standard for the expansion of the range of connectivity of a device. Since we are in a world where connectivity matters a lot; the presence of Bluetooth technology is a very important element for our daily lives. It helps us get connected to each a lot easier. With this being said, Bluetooth technology is now built into various products – cars, mobile phones, medical devices, computers and even on toothbrushes and forks. This technology allows us to share music,

How to Fix Common Printer Problems

Printer ProblemsIf you’re having problems with your printer, then we have compiled some quick and simple solutions to help your solve 99% of your printer problems. Tried and tested over 15 years of dealing with printers and ink technology. We are the ink experts.

1. Check you have the right ink or toner.
Your printer has been happily printing for a ages and suddenly when you put in your new cartridges it doesn’t work any more. Check that you have purchased the correct ink cartridges or toner for your printer. Sometimes offers or printers can be slightly confusing.

2. Paper Jams. Check your printer
Sometimes the slightest rip in your paper or some dust has aggregated on the rollers can cause the sensors to create a paper jam warning. Most printers are very accessible, so just uncover you printer carefully remove the paper from the tray and the ink cartridge out of the carriage, use a damp cloth to clean the dust off the printer until you are happy you have removed as much as you can. Check the inside

How Does RAM Affect Your Trading Computer

RAMYour trading computer efficiency is an important aspect to your ability to execute trades daily. This is why it is so important to be educated about what components are really necessary for your trading computer. You could have the best, most expensive mass manufactured computer and it will still give you issues if it doesn’t have the right components installed.

What does RAM stand for any way? RAM is an acronym for random access memory. Don’t be quick to confuse this with storage memory. RAM is used in your trading computer to enable it to run open programs and assist with your operating system. In other words, RAM is what allows you to run your email application, live newscast, and trading software at the same time. RAM does not affect the ability to store information rather the ability to process large amounts of “live data” at the same time.

Your RAM is really best explained when comparing it to the experience you have at a restaurant. Think about the team members involved in your experience such as the cook, the

5 Factors for Selecting the Ideal Printer for You

PrinterIt is more than frustrating to have an outdated printer which works slowly and produces copies of less than perfect quality. If you think that it is time to get a new device, you have to ensure that you will make the best choice. For this, you must take into account the following important criteria when you go shopping.

User Requirements

As a start, you have to define your individual printing needs. If you run an office and you print primarily text, you will benefit from a monochrome laser printer. If you use a lot of color graphs in your work, you can consider a fast inkjet model with a rich color palette. Home users and students often require a universal device which can produce both text copies and good-quality pictures. You have to be absolutely sure about your requirements when you go shopping.


In addition to the standards units, you will also find multi-function printers also known as MFPs. These have one or more functions in addition to printing. The list of extra functions which

Best Laptops Below $1000

Laptops Below $1000The development of new laptops has brought about a hard choice for people to choose from. There are many laptops that have been provided in the market. As the prices continue to escalate, you will find it hard to get the best quality. For those first timers, it is better to look out for the laptop performance. This is what makes it a good laptop. Here, we are going to consider laptops under $1000. These are economical laptops and everyone could use one of them.

Below are some of them

1. Asus Zenbook UX32A

Launched in the year 2011, Asus Zenbook UX32A is an ultrabook that is both common and expensive. It has a sharp lip in front and has a solid-feeling aluminum cover. It also has two video outputs, three USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet and Wireless Display Features.


Price $779


Hard Drive 500GB with 5400 rpm/ 32GB SSD

Processor i3-2367M Intel Core 1.4 GHz

Graphics Intel HD 3000

OS Windows 7 Home Premium

Screen Size 13.3″

Weight 3.3 lbs.

The Difference Between A SSD And A HDD

The Difference Between A SSD And A HDDWhen the magnetic hard drive (HDD) arrived on the scene, we said good bye to the old ways of data storage, three and a quarter floppy discs and even the older 5.25. Computer users could finally store more data on the one permanent drive, but this was only the beginning because as people stored more data, they then had more to lose if something went wrong. Thus the solid state hard drive followed. If you want to get technical, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is a relative of the magnetic hard disk drive (HDD), but these two devices differ greatly.

The Old Magnetic HDD

The original old magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) were invented in the 1950s only held a small amount of data but took up a good square metre of space. Of course the average computer user could not afford these devices so the privilege was reserved for government agencies and large business. Who would want a big ugly box bigger than your fridge in your house? Regardless of the cost, these storage devices could save and retrieve data

How to Buy a SSD Disk Drive Online

SSD Disk Drive OnlineWhether you are looking for an SSD disk drive or an SAS hard drive, the possibility of finding a specific piece of equipment for a great price is driving more and more on people online to shop for bargains. With many rare products being available from internet stores at lower prices than high street stores, there is little surprise why.

With that said, there are certain precautions to take when purchasing a SSD disk drive or some other price of hardware online; follow the tips below to ensure that you are getting an item that performs well, all whilst fitting into your budget.

Firstly, it is important to remember that although there is a huge range of vendors operating online nowadays, they certainly are not all made equal. It is in fact one of the main gripes of any shopper in any market that the online retailer that was claiming to have the best products at the best prices actually turns out to be a major disappointment.

The reason for this is that anyone can easily become a seller of products that they do